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Is Your Vehicle Ready For the Holidays?

The holidays usually means that you and your family will be hitting the road more frequently. Between the drives around town to purchase holiday items and attend holiday parties, to driving longer distances to visit loved ones, your vehicle is likely to have an uptick in mileage demands. Therefore, the big question is:  Is your vehicle ready for the holidays? Here are the top five things your vehicle requires to be ready for the holiday season: Tires that have a safe amount of tread, are properly aligned and are inflated to the ideal amount for better fuel economy. If your tires are flat, bald, worn unevenly, or show signs of bulging, you may need new tires. Wiper blades that keep your windshield clean and are in good shape. Most windshield wipers are meant to last for one year. If you see cracking, strips, or bits of rubber missing from your wiper blades, it’s time to replace them. Fluids are what makes your car operate smoothly. Without the prop ... read more



How To Replace Your Windshield Wipers

How To Replace Your Windshield Wipers

OK guys, it has officially begun raining in San Diego. If you've driven at all the last day or so you're aware of the condition of your windshield wipers (possibly cursing in traffic if they just aren't wiping like they should). We don't have to tell you how important windshield wipers are... that fine layer of dust that has been just fine up until now was likely a thick layer of mud this morning, and between that and your wet brakes and the roads that are now seeing more slick oil than they have all year, it's amazing you made it to work on time and in one piece. Funny thing is, this same scenario seems to happen every year. San Diego gets real warm in October, until one night it just starts raining, and suddenly you're caught with dry, brittle, or even torn windshield wipers. Windshield wipers should be supple - smooth, without cracks or tears, and should glide along your windshield with ease. Maybe, just ma ... read more

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