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What Happens During A Basic Tune-Up?

Regular auto maintenance is a key component in keeping a car running as well as possible for the longest period of time. One of the most important, routine auto maintenance services that an auto body shop can provide is a basic tune-up. tune up image

A basic tune-up involves a number of procedures that are all aimed at preventing more serious problems from occurring. During a tune-up, the air filter in a vehicle should be checked and replaced if needed in order to ensure that adequate air is getting to the fuel supply for it to function properly; the spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap should all be inspected; and the fuel filter, spark plug wires and oxygen sensor all examined.

In addition, a basic tune-up may include a radiator or coolant flush as well as topping off fluid levels for both windshield wipers and power steering.

By performing regular auto maintenance and having a tune-up done at least once a year, a car owner can help to ensure their car continues to operate at peak efficiency and lower the chance that more intensive and costly repairs will be required in the long term.

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