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What Happens During A Basic Tune-Up?

What Happens During A Basic Tune-Up?

Regular auto maintenance is a key component in keeping a car running as well as possible for the longest period of time. One of the most important, routine auto maintenance services that an auto body shop can provide is a basic tune-up. A basic tune-up involves a number of procedures that are all aimed at preventing more serious problems from occurring. During a tune-up, the air filter in a vehicle should be checked and replaced if needed in order to ensure that adequate air is getting to the fuel supply for it to function properly; the spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap should all be inspected; and the fuel filter, spark plug wires and oxygen sensor all examined. In addition, a basic tune-up may include a radiator or coolant flush as well as topping off fluid levels for both windshield wipers and power steering. By performing regular auto maintenance and having a tune-up done at least once a year, a car owner can ... read more


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