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Three Reasons You Should Never Put Off an Oil Change

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Oil is what keeps everything running smoothly under your car's hood. Over time, that oil gets a bit dirty, thick--not something you want coursing through your expensive pieces of automotive machinery. While getting an oil change does sound like a chore, putting off an oil change can leave you with an even bigger headache and unfortunately, a much lighter wallet. Here are three reasons you should never put off an oil change.

Small Problems Could Become Big Problems

The problems that can arise from not changing your oil regularly can sometimes be very severe. Old, dirty oil can contaminate your entire engine and reduce the performance of your car. When all of that nice, fresh oil that was keeping everything under the hood lubricated isn’t there anymore, engine parts start deteriorating and not operating as well as they should. This leads to two big car problems:

  1. A marked decrease in your car’s all-around performance.
  2. Great increase in the chances of a full engine breakdown.  

That’s right, by simply not changing your oil regularly, your car’s engine could break down entirely, leaving you with a massive engine repair bill and your car with an extended trip to the auto repair shop.

It’s Destroying Your Fuel Efficiency

Part of the poor performance we were talking about earlier manifests itself in decreased fuel economy. Keeping your engine well-lubricated with fresh, clean oil ensures that everything is operating as efficiently as possible. As the oil gets dirtier, your engine has to work harder to take you the same distance.

The result? Lower gas mileage than usual. Unless you love spending money at the gas station, this is a big problem and could cost you big bucks at the pump. It’s far cheaper just to get your oil changed regularly.

You’re Missing Chances to Catch Bigger Problems Before They Happen

Anytime you get a chance to have certified technicians take a look under the hood of your car, there's a greater chance they’ll be able to detect potentially serious problems before they happen.

Our certified technicians can quickly see if something is off in your car, which will save you lots of precious dollars in the long run. Furthermore, with every oil change, Convoy Auto Repair includes an air filter inspection and checks on all your car’s vital fluids (brake fluid, battery water, automatic transmission fluid, and coolant/antifreeze levels).

So if it’s been 3,000 miles or a year since you’ve gotten your oil changed (or your oil gauge just looks low), don’t put it off. It could seriously harm your car. Instead, bring it in for a quick stop at Convoy Auto Repair. We’re located in the heart of Kearny Mesa, which is perfect if you want to bring it in on your lunch break and enjoy one of our favorite lunch spots in Kearny Mesa while you wait. Contact us today to find out more.

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