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Top Restaurants in Kearny Mesa: 6 Unique Asian Eateries

Ramen Bowl

We’re lucky here at Convoy Auto Repair. Not only do we operate in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, but we also are located in one of the best areas to eat in all of San Diego. The restaurants in Kearny Mesa rival those downtown!

Convoy Street, in particular, is home to the largest collection of Asian restaurants in San Diego. This means that no matter where you turn you’re bound to find a unique place to eat from a different culture (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and much more). That’s why we created this helpful guide to the 6 most unique spots to eat on Convoy Street.


4681 Convoy Street

There is one reason to go to Tajima, and it’s their crazy delicious ramen. While every neighborhood in San Diego may have a ramen shop now, thanks to its recent rise in popularity, Tajima is the original (and still the best) place to get a hot bowl of fresh, springy noodles nestled in a complex, rich broth. Our suggestion? Go for the original Tonkotsu ramen, which features a long-simmered pork bone broth that you won’t forget anytime soon. There’s a reason this place has been around for 14 years.

Manna Korean BBQ

4428 Convoy Street, Suite R210

Love grilling but hate the prep work and cleaning afterward? Manna Korean BBQ is the place for you. At Manna, there is a grill at your table so you can grill everything that you order without having to put in any of the effort. Manna is an all-you-can-eat restaurant so there is no limit to how much you can grill either. While you might be scared that quantity here trumps quality, the Korean BBQ here is second to none in the city. The Bulgogi in particular is always a good decision.

Dumpling Inn

4625 Convoy St.

Dumpling Inn certainly lives up to its name with the best dumplings you can find anywhere in San Diego. Long known by locals, the word has gotten out about this Chinese eatery which has recently expanded to accommodate more people. The thing that makes Dumpling Inn unique? Their soup dumplings (or Xiao Long Bao), which are made on the premises. The tender dumpling dough is filled with pork, cabbage, green onion, peanut sauce, and broth to create a unique experience that you can only get here. Just be careful because those soup dumplings can be extremely hot (and addictive)!


7305 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

It wouldn’t be a food list in San Diego if we didn’t sneak in some Mexican food in. If you want a break from all this delicious Asian food, the original Lolita’s location on Convoy Street is a great place to go. They have been serving their legendary food for over 30 years from this location. Having a California burrito or carne asada fries from here is a must, but their 2 in 1 burrito (featuring a rolled taco on the inside) is a uniquely delicious experience. Everything is cooked fresh here so while you are waiting for your food, remember their motto “Patience is the Essence.”

Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

4609 Convoy Street

Skip brunch this weekend and head to Jasmine instead for the best Dim Sum in San Diego. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Hong Kong with the sound of the carts rolling through the dining area offering small plates of deliciousness to every table they pass. No ordering here, just wait for something you like to roll by and a person on the cart will hand it to you and stamp your check. Make sure to pick up some BBQ Pork Buns, egg tarts, or chicken feet (if you are feeling a little adventurous).

Yakitori Yakyudori

4898 Convoy Street

Unlike Tajima, while Yakitori Yakyudori may also have ramen, what you really need to order here are all their yakitori (Japanese BBQ) specialties. Here you can get chicken thighs, bacon wrapped asparagus, quail eggs, and basically anything else you can think of expertly grilled over a specially built, authentic yakitori grill. Pro tip: request to sit at the bar so you can enjoy seeing the grill master at work while you dine. Also, it’s important to remember that their grill is only open during after 5pm, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for a Yakitori lunch.

Convoy Street has a bounty of unique and amazing places to eat, and you can’t go wrong going to any of the places listed above. That’s one of the reasons why we at Convoy Auto Repair are proud to have been located in the heart of this vibrant area of San Diego for almost 40 years. If you want get in touch with San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop to make an appointment for an oil change, tire rotation, or for any reason, contact us today!

Image: thatwelike via Flickr


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