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The Top 5 Foreign Car Brands of 2016


While American brands will always be popular, foreign cars also have their own sets of merits. Many enjoy the unique style and different performance options that import cars feature. They also tend to be associated with luxury and plush rides.

In a previous blog, we discussed the top American car brands to look out for. This week, we’ll have a close look at the top five performing foreign car brands of the year. As before, we’re looking at Consumer Report’s statistics for Overall Score, Road Test Score, and predicted Reliability Rating

5) BMW

Overall Score:     76
Road Test Score:    85
Reliability Rating:    Average

Newer BMW models have been focusing mainly on technology improvements, as their performance and driving base is pretty well-established already. You can still choose from a variety of fun sports-leaning cars, as well as some plush luxury vehicles. There are even some electric models like the i3 and the i8. BMW has also drastically improved their fuel efficiency over the years, while still managing to maintain fantastic, autobahn-worthy handling.


4) Porsche

Overall Score:     76
Road Test Score:    84
Reliability Rating:    Average

Porsche will always be a favorite foreign car brand. While somewhat on the pricier side, that can only be expected given Porsche’s legacy of high-performance luxury vehicles. Even their SUV models and four-door models boast superb acceleration, handling, and braking. Interiors tend to feature an impressive array of dials and buttons that create that characteristic “spy agent” vehicle feel. Popular models include the Panamera and the classic 911.

3) Lexus

Overall Score:     76
Road Test Score:    74
Reliability Rating:    Best

Perhaps one of the most well-known features of Lexus is how smooth and quiet the ride is. This was true back when they first came out and is still true today. Newer hybrid models boast dramatic fuel efficiency, while classics like the LS continue to provide drivers and passengers with well-finished interiors and top-flight sound systems.

Lexus also has a popular new SUV called the NX that provides an additional option to their lineup. The brand received the highest possible reliability rating.

2) Subaru

Overall Score:     78
Road Test Score:    80
Reliability Rating:    Average

Subaru is probably best known for producing some of the best all-wheel drive, off-road rally cars. While not everyone is into this challenging form of racing, the performance of this brand definitely translates over into the on-road categories. Subarus have tested very well due to high visibility, excellent fuel economy, and roomy, comfortable interiors.

Newer models also incorporate brand-new on-board technology and entertainment systems. Also notable is the new EyeSight Driver Assist anti-crash safety system which automatically brakes when an object is detected ahead in emergency situations.


1) Audi

Overall Score:     80
Road Test Score:    83
Reliability Rating:    Better Than Average

Topping the list this year is Audi with an overall score of 80. Part of Audi’s appeal lies in its overall integration of performance, looks, and technology. The Quattro all-wheel-drive system has been wildly popular, and models like the TT coupe and A8 sedan sport both excellent performance and luxurious interiors. New models include the Q7 (a three-row SUV) and a new A4 sedan arriving soon.

Note: Audi is made by Volkswagen AG, which was subject to various recalls this year due to emissions scandals. The Consumer Report statistics here only include models that are on the market; hence, any Audi models that were affected by the recall weren’t included in these ratings.

  • As the years roll by, foreign car brands will continue to produce some of the world’s best automobiles in terms of both performance and comfort. However, even the highest ranked cars need regular maintenance and checkups. At Convoy Auto Repair, we provide repair services for a very wide range of domestic and foreign vehicle brands, including Audi, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and much more. Stop by today to keep your foreign car running in tip-top shape!

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