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The Best Hybrid Auto Services for Your Beloved Green Car

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These days, the term “going green” is a major catchphrase, indicating better efforts at preserving the environment and lessening pollution footprints. The auto industry has been at the forefront of “going green” efforts, which is evident in the recent influx and advancement of hybrid vehicles and electric cars. These represent a major development for the car industry, as they contribute greatly to a smaller carbon and emissions footprint.

Hybrid cars are very popular due to their many environmental and financial benefits. But they also have very specific needs, especially when it comes to maintenance. Read on to learn more about hybrid vehicles attributes.

The Hybrid Auto Boom

Hybrid cars burst onto the auto scene in the late 1990’s, when the Toyota Prius was launched in Japan in 1997. Other hybrid cars soon followed, including the Honda Insight (launched 1999 in the U.S.), and more recently, the Ford Fusion Hybrid (2010). This new wave of specially designed “green” vehicles provide benefits including:

  • Less emissions
  • Outstanding gas mileage ratings (thus saving consumers gas money)
  • Less dependence on fossil fuels
  • Generally lighter bodies and compact frames
  • Higher resale value

Over the years, hybrid cars continued to develop and more manufacturers produced hybrid versions of their existing car models, and new technology is constantly being introduced for hybrid and electric vehicles, such as regenerative braking (i.e., the batteries charge a little bit whenever the driver brakes).

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Special Considerations for Hybrid Cars

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new or used hybrid car. The switch from fuel power to electric power carries some perceived sacrifices with it, which can include:

  • Less power (hybrid and electric cars often have less torque and power than gas powered cars, especially earlier models)
  • Higher up-front costs (though these can usually be offset when factoring in fuel savings)
  • Reduced handling
  • High-voltage batteries: these can sometimes create precarious situations for drivers, for instance, if there is an accident

However, as mentioned, hybrid and electric car technology continues to develop at an impressive rate. Some of these “drawbacks” of earlier hybrid models are slowly beginning to dissipate, especially in the areas of power and performance. Many of the newer hybrid and electric engines demonstrate similar power, output, handling, and acceleration as traditional gas engines.

Hybrid Auto Repair and Services at Convoy Auto Repair

Hybrid cars require special care and attention to detail. The interplay of electric and gas-powered components can be complex, and not all vehicle repair stations can service hybrids.

At Convoy Auto Repair, our team of professional, certified mechanics is equipped with the training and experience needed to service hybrid autos. We perform services for your hybrid that include the following:

  • Brake fluid and brake efficiency checks
  • Inverter/transmission cooling system inspections
  • Rear end oil changes
  • High voltage battery filter and connections checks
  • Various other services as needed

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Our entire operation is committed to sound automobile and environmental principles at Convoy Auto Repair. We practice green habits such as recycling all oils and automobile fluids. If your hybrid car needs repairs or servicing, bring it to Convoy Auto Repair today. We have the experience and certification to meet the specific needs of your hybrid car. Schedule an appointment today or stop by for a complete car check up to keep your hybrid running smoothly and efficiently.


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