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How to Maximize Your Electric Vehicle's Range


Electric cars are becoming common on the road as people make the switch from fuel to electric. While fully electric vehicles don’t consume any fuel, they still have a rating that is similar to miles per gallon for gas-powered vehicles. Some manufacturers use a converted scale equivalent for electric vehicles (MPGe), while others speak of “miles per charge."

Generally speaking, “miles per charge” is also known as the car’s “range”, and helps owners to think in terms of distance traveled in between charges. This gives the driver a better ability to plan out her trips and charges to avoid running out of battery charge.

Of course, some electric cars have better range than others. However, there are some factors that can affect the vehicle’s range. Here are a few ways you can maximize your electric vehicle’s range.

Plan Your Route

Certain driving conditions and road layouts can cause your car to drain quickly. For instance, windy conditions and hilly terrain can force your car to exert more power and use more battery. Also, freeway driving can use more power since drag increases along with your driving speed (although stop and go freeway traffic usually doesn’t involve too much drag). Thus, taking a route that avoids these types of factors can increase your car’s vehicle range dramatically.

Time Your Charges

When your electric car isn’t in use, the battery slowly discharges over time. Thus, if you car is finished charging at a time that’s too far away from your next drive, you’ll probably lose some charge and you won’t be driving on a full charge when the time comes. Try to time your charging sessions so that it’s completed closer to your time of departure.

Also, many manufacturers advise against letting your car sit with a full charge for many hours, as it can negatively affect the long-term life of the battery.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Electric vehicles tend to require less maintenance than traditional fuel-powered cars. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to wear and tear or breakdowns. Any mechanical issues with the car can reduce efficiency and reduce your car’s range. Even seemingly smaller issues like tire pressure can greatly reduce range. Be sure to keep your car maintained so that it doesn’t have to work against additional factors.

Drive Smoothly

Lastly, the way that you drive can seriously alter your car’s range. Avoid sudden stops and accelerations, as these can place unnecessary strain on your car’s performance. Also, many electric vehicles utilize “regenerative braking” technology, which helps recycle some of the energy from braking back into the electric charge. If your driving is jolty or choppy, this could reduce the efficiency of such mechanisms.

Whether you have a fully electric vehicle, a hybrid car, or even a fuel-powered car, these factors can maximize your car’s charge or fuel economy. Stop by Convoy Auto Repair, San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop, to keep your car properly maintained and tuned. Schedule regular complete car checkup intervals for your vehicle today.


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