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The Best Cities For Electric Cars - Part 2

As electric cars grow in sales and popularity, cities throughout the United States are catching up with their infrastructure. We’ve already covered the first 5 cities, and here is the final countdown in our rundown of easier cities for electric car owners to be in based on per capita charging stations reported through PlugShare.

The Best Cities for Electric Cars Part 2

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San Diego, CA San Diegans don’t just enjoy great weather – they enjoy plenty of eco-friendly amenities like electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels companies, and more! According to 10News, San Diego has the highest number of electric vehicles on the roads per capita in the USA. Plus, with plenty of car repair businesses that cater to the green vehicle industry, maintaining your alternative fuel vehicle is a snap.

Austin, TX Austin comes in number seven with 5.3 charging stations per 100,000 residents. Austin is largely regarded as one of the hippest cities in the Lone Star State, and part of keeping Austin weird is a growing environmental awareness. But we certainly don't think that's weird at all! And the high number of electric car drivers in Austin probably don't think so, either.

Tucson, AZ Tucson comes in at number eight with 5.3 charging stations per 100,000 residents. This southwestern city has made substantial upgrades with the help of Tucson Electric Power to make the Leaf (and all other electric cars) an available option to residents.

Honolulu, HI Honolulu comes in number nine on our list, with 5.1 charging stations per 100,000 residents. Since the entire island of O’ahu is only 44 by 30 miles, the sometimes-limited range of electric vehicles is practically a non-issue, especially with so many charging stations!

Washington D.C. Metro Area The nation’s capital is the final city on our top ten, boasting 4.7 charging stations per 100,000 residents. D.C. has a high number of medium-to-short distance commuters, and with the current administration’s goal to increase renewable energy options throughout the country, it makes sense that the capital city would be on the bandwagon for electric vehicle options.

As electric and hybrid vehicles gain popularity, we look forward to adding even more cities to the list!


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