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The Best Cities For Electric Cars - Part 1

As electric cars grow in sales and popularity, cities throughout the United States are catching up with their infrastructure to support these alternative vehicles. However, there are a few cities that make it little easier for electric car owners. Here are the first 5 of the top 10 cities for electric cars based on per capita charging stations reported through PlugShare! Also, it's Earth Month, so maybe  now is the time to consider an alternative fuel vehicle if you don't already drive one!

The best cities for electric cars

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Portland, Oregon It may not be surprising that green, Pacific Northwest Portland makes the list. It may not even be surprising that Portland is the first on this list! Portland has 11 charging stations per 100,000 residents, the highest per capita in the United States! Portland has always been on the cutting edge of environmental causes, and where electric cars are concerned, they are no different.

Dallas, Texas In a potentially surprising position, Dallas comes in number two with 10.6 charging stations per 100,000 residents. It is suspected that eVigo’s presence is Dallas might account for their high number of stations (seeing as the charging station provider is based out of Dallas!). Regardless, this just goes to show that the state of big, gas guzzling trucks is making such great strides towards alternative fuel cars!

Nashville, Tennessee Another surprising inclusion on this list is Nashville, with 8.2 charging stations per 100,000 residents. Nissan’s Leaf factory just outside Nashville directly contributes to the availability of charging stations, but these stations can be used by any electric car!

San Francisco, California San Francisco, another environmentally friendly city, comes in number 4 with 6.6 charging stations per 100,000 residents. San Francisco also has the benefit of state government support for electric vehicle use, as more and more charging stations are popping up around the state. Electric vehicles are also encouraged to use the state’s carpool lanes, which is highly attractive in car-clogged San Francisco.

Seattle, Washington The Pacific Northwest strikes again, with Seattle coming in at number 5. The city has 6.5 charging stations per 100,000 residents, giving electric vehicle owners a solid network of power. Combined with extensive public transportation and getting around without a gas car is easy peasy.

Don't see your city on this list? Not to worry - there are plenty more cities that love their electric vehicles too! Check back for Part 2! And don't forget - you don't always need to go to the dealership for electric car repairs. Convoy Auto Repair provides maintenance on all alternative fuel vehicles, even for those still under warranty.


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