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The 10 Best Movie Car Chases and Car Stunts

The 10 Best Movie Car Chases and Car Stunts

The automobile and cinema came of age technologically and in common society around the same time in this country and both are intrinsically linked in our minds as forms of personal entertainment. Nowhere is this notion seen more clearly than in the good old fashioned movie car chase or big screen car stunt much like you see in the very popular “Fast and the Furious” franchise which has yet another sequel coming soon to theatres this summer. With summer right around the corner and glorious action-packed car movies that follow, here is our list of ten of the best movie car chases and stunts.. We’ll wager you are familiar with more than one or two of these scenes. Now remember, these driving feats were performed by professionals often with the help of CGI image wizardry so don’t try this at home. Or during your morning commute. “Goldfinger”—(Aston Martin DB5 with machin ... read more


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