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5 Reasons We Think Kearny Mesa is the Best Neighborhood in San Diego

Kearny Mesa

Kearny Mesa is definitely the best neighborhood in San Diego.

Okay, we know we’re biased. Convoy Auto Repair has been part of the Kearny Mesa neighborhood for the last 39 years, but that means that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Kearny Mesa (and your car as well). Today, we’re counting down the 5 reasons we think Kearny Mesa is the best neighborhood in San Diego.

5. It’s Old School

Every neighborhood in San Diego has its stereotype. The Gaslamp is “crowded,” North Park is “trendy,” Pacific Beach is “full of bros,” and La Jolla is so beautiful we all forget it's slowly eroding into the ocean.

Kearny Mesa, on the other hand, is unabashedly unpretentious and vintage. Where else can you enjoy a non-ironic, retro bowling alley, such as Kearny Mesa Bowl? This neighborhood is full of San Diego spots that locals have been enjoying for decades: the 94th Aero Squadron, The Butcher Shop, and Studio Diner, to name a few. Bottom line? Kearny Mesa is old-school San Diego at its very best.

4. You’re Close to Everything

When the borders of your neighborhood are the 15, 805, 52, and 163 freeways (plus major surface streets, such as Balboa Ave. and Clairemont Mesa Blvd), you know that you’re not going to have much trouble getting around San Diego.

While other neighborhoods have “choke points” where you just know there is going to be traffic, Kearny Mesa is easily accessible to just about everything in San Diego. Its central location means that Downtown, North County, Pacific Beach, North Park, and East County are just minutes away.

3. Top Gun

Remember the movie Top Gun? There was a scene where Maverick, Goose (RIP), and Iceman all whizzed around the sky, played volleyball, and high fived to the sweet sounds of Kenny Loggins. That was all set at the Marine Corps Air Station (Miramar, which, despite its name, is technically located in Kearny Mesa. (See that cool plane in the photo? That's an MCAS aircraft.) What other neighborhood in San Diego can claim to be the inspiration for such an iconic movie?

2. It’s the Car Hub of San Diego

Although public transportation is improving, San Diego is still a car-centric city. There’s just no better way to get around. That’s why Kearny Mesa is so important to San Diego—there is a pretty good chance that you’ve gone to Kearny Mesa to at least look at a new car at some point. Plus, alongside those dealerships are trusted automotive repair shops in Kearny Mesa that keep San Diego moving. There’s no underestimating how important that is.>

1. The Food is Fantastic

Let’s face facts, Kearny Mesa is an amazing place to eat. There are so many unique places to eat in Kearny Mesa that you just don’t get in other neighborhoods. From fine dining to fast food in Kearny Mesa, there is something for everyone in this neighborhood. That’s why people from all over San Diego flock to Kearny Mesa around lunch and dinner time to enjoy everything from California Burritos to Korean BBQ. You just can’t beat the food in Kearny Mesa.

As you can tell, we love Kearny Mesa, and believe you will too. Come by and visit our Kearny Mesa neighborhood sometime to see firsthand what we are talking about! While you are in the neighborhood, stop by and get a complete car checkup at Convoy Auto Repair.Contact us today to find out more.     


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