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Your Guide To Buying an Older Car, Part 1

When it comes to buying an older car, there are countless options available. No matter what your tastes and needs, there are numerous used (or pre-owned, if that's your preferred lingo) options out there, and numerous price points. If you’re ready to start your search for buying an older vehicle, we’ve put together some great options to jump-start your brain. Here are our picks for number #10-6 of the top 10 best older model or used cars available:

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#10 - Toyota Highlander The Highlander combines family-friendly features like 4 doors, seating for 5, and a large cargo area with the legendary Toyota reliability. Toyota came out with the model in 2001, which means there’s a wealth of options available in the used marketplace, which can vary in features, mileage, and care, depending on your budget and needs.

#9 - Honda Accord The Honda Accord is one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. The model was introduced in the American marketplace all the way back in 1976! In southern California, 80s models can still be seen cruising along the highway, showcasing the longevity and reliability of these vehicles. Used Accords can be found in nearly any year, with any mileage, and with any variety of features, for any budget.

#8 - Audi A4 If you’re looking for some used late model luxury, check out the Audi A4. With fairly high performance as well as luxury features such as leather, power seats and more-upscale entertainment features, even older models of this car can hold their own against lower-cost new cars. The A4 has been available since 1994, leaving plenty of used options in the marketplace. 

#7 - XTerra The XTerra is the growing choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for something that can haul it all and go anywhere. With available 4 wheel drive and multiple engine offerings in the older models, as well as plentiful aftermarket upgrades and Nissan reliability, the XTerra is ready for anything. The Xterra has been in production since 1999, offering nearly 14 years of used models to choose from!

#6 - Subaru WRX The Subaru WRX is a popular car for the younger set, offering serious performance in a budget package. Even the used models command surprisingly high market values, making this is a safe bet if you plan to sell your used car in a few years. Two body styles are typically available, a 4 door sedan and a 5 door hatchback. The WRX has enjoyed increasing popularity since it came out in 1992, so expect to see later models more often than older ones in the used marketplace.

Not satisfied? Check back here at Convoy Auto Repair next week to see numbers #5-1 on our used car countdown!


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