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Why You Should Always Carefully Avoid Potholes on the Road

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Why You Should Always Avoid Potholes On The Road

Ever hit a pothole so hard your head touched the roof of your car? Well, we hope you’ve never experienced something that extreme, but we’ve all done something pretty close. Potholes seem to jump out of nowhere. 

Unfortunately, we have little control over where they are, how deep they get, and when they will be filled in. If you’ve got that one pothole you always know is coming up, and you slow down or move around it on the road to avoid it, you’re doing the right thing. Safely shifting your car to go over a pothole rather than into one (while not getting in anyone else’s lane or too close to the sidewalk, of course) or slowing down your vehicle is the smartest thing you can do when it comes to potholes. But why?

Potholes are dangerous for your vehicle in more ways than one. Potholes can:

  • Damage the rims of your tires. A damaged rim is an expensive fix and can create more issues within your vehicle. 

  • Mess with your tire alignment. Uneven tire alignment causes uneven wear to your tires, which means one or more might need to be replaced sooner than usual.

  • Weaken your car's suspension. A car’s suspension controls performance. 

  • Cause a sidewall bulge. When your liner separates from the sidewall, also known as a sidewall bulge, it can mean a blowout is impending.


If possible, always avoid potholes on the road. Potholes are dangerous enough on their own, but speeding over them only increases the likelihood of severe damage. Slowing down a bit can also help your vehicle incur less damage and keep you safe. 

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