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Why Car Parts Make Great Gifts

This week, you've probably got turkey on the brain. You may also have certain Black Friday deals lurking in the back of your mind. We're stressed with finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones this time of year, as that magical combination of thoughtfulness, practicality, and generosity seems impossible to find. Allow us to suggest an alternative to waiting in line in the middle of the night this Friday to get a generic "big box" gift (or worse, patronizing businesses that are open on Thanksgiving Day): car parts. You may initially think that gifting car parts isn't interesting, or romantic, or even thoughtful. We disagree. Car parts make great gifts – yes, even for your wife. Not convinced? Read on!

Car parts make great gifts

Gifts for Car Lovers

New Battery

Nothing says “I love you” quite as much as a new battery. Just imagine your loved one struggling to start their car on a dark and rainy night in a deserted parking lot. Waiting for roadside assistance, shivering in the dark, inconveniently in a place with poor cell phone reception...all could have been avoided! We recommend springing for a dry cell battery, since they last longer and are less prone to spillage. See? Thoughtful.

New Tires

For some cars, this is a pretty extravagant gift that really shows how much you care. Tires are expensive, and people often wait longer than they should before replacing them. If you notice your loved one’s tires are balding, check you local ads for holiday deals on new sets of tires or contact Convoy to help. Don’t forget to check the condition of the spare too! Want to get extra points for generosity? Snow tires are great for your loved one in a colder climate (or who takes regular trips to Lake Tahoe), and if you throw in some chains they'll be set for the ski/snowboard season.

Full detail

There are two ways to go about this one:

  1. You can buy a mobile detail package and set it up so the recipient’s car gets the full spa treatment at their home or work. It’s a great, painless gift for all involved, and who doesn’t love a clean car? If you schedule the detail while your loved one is at work, his or her coworkers will marvel at your unique gift.
  2. If you’re on a smaller budget, you can also do this one yourself! Head to your local auto parts store and pick up some basic detail supplies (clay bar, interior dressing, wax, etc.). Setup a time and a place, and get cleaning! Want to make this gift even more romantic? Use some Q-Tips to really get into all the nooks and crannies, then select a sweet smelling air freshener to finish the job. Spending a few hours of your Saturday taking good care of your loved one's car is a sweet and romantic gift that anyone would be pleased to receive.

A known car part

If someone you know and love is in need of a more specific part (like a water pump or a vintage piece for their classic car), they will be delighted to receive it for the holidays. Classic car owners are always on the lookout for SOMETHING, and if you can help them track down that special piece, you might just make them feel like they're 12 again when they open it up! As you can see, car parts are absolutely not all lacking the magic of a great holiday gift. Gearheads and regular drivers of all ages can appreciate when you take the time to make their car a little safer, a little more comfortable, or a little more personal. Image: Pixabay


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