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What Makes Kearny Mesa Different From Other San Diego Neighborhoods

What Makes Kearny Mesa Different Than Any Other San Diego Hood

In our opinion, Kearny Mesa is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego. It isn’t the biggest, hippest, or flashiest neighborhood in San Diego. What makes Kearny Mesa so special is that it is different and filled for wonderful surprises for you to uncover at any time of the day or night. So what makes Kearny Mesa different? Read on to find out.

The Food

Eating in Kearny Mesa is just different than eating in other parts of the city. While you won’t get maitre d’s and craft cocktails like you can in Downtown or La Jolla, what you do get in Kearny Mesa is some of the best and most diverse food in San Diego that’s equally good for dinner or on your lunch break. Some of the most-loved restaurants in the city call Kearny Mesa home.

  • Lolita’s holds its spot on the hotly contested list of the best Mexican food in San Diego argument year after year.
  • Phuong Trang was serving hot, delicious bowls of Pho way before it was fashionable.
  • Jasmine Seafood Restaurant is still serving the best Hong-Kong style dim sum you can find almost anywhere.

More than just restaurants, Kearny Mesa has supermarkets like 99 Ranch Market, Mitsuwa Marketplace, and Marukai Market are destinations in and of themselves that feature the very best food from all around the world for you to try.

Local Innovation

Since its beginnings as a military base in 1917, Kearny Mesa has been a hub of local innovation. Aerospace and defense pioneers General Dynamics called Kearny Mesa home beginning in 1955. That spirit of innovation continues in various other industries that call Kearny Mesa home.

  • Sharp Healthcare is a local non-profit company that is helping to lead the charge in medical innovation. Their corporate headquarters and their Rees-Stanley location both make a big presence in the Kearny Mesa Community.
  • Jack in the Box’s world headquarters are right here in Kearny Mesa and their Innovation Center is busy creating fast food innovations that will be coming to a menu near you.
  • Ansir Innovation Center provides an innovation hub and coworking space for San Diego’s newest start-up companies to work and grow until they are pioneers of their respective industries.

This local innovation makes Kearny Mesa one of the most vibrant communities for working in all of San Diego.

It’s Car Central in San Diego

One of the first things that you’ll notice that makes Kearny Mesa different from other San Diego neighborhoods is the amount of car related businesses are located here. From our location on 3909 Convoy Street, you’re within a stone’s throw of a huge amount of car dealerships, such as CarMax, BMW of San Diego, Mercedes-Benz of San Diego, Lexus of San Diego, Mossy Nissan, Pacific Honda, and many more. That’s not to mention all the RV dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, and auto parts suppliers either. Basically, Kearny Mesa is car central in San Diego and the place to go for anything related to your car, especially if you are looking for a trusted auto repair shop in San Diego (that services all the cars mentioned above.

Whether you are working and innovating, eating amazing food, or getting in touch with your inner gearhead, you'll love Kearny Mesa because it's so different. If you’re looking for an auto repair shop that is different from the rest as well, check us out at Convoy Auto Repair. Contact us today for a full car checkup for only $24.95, and explore everything Kearny Mesa has to offer while you wait!

Image: Flickr via drothamel


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