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What is Fleet Repair and How Can it Help Your Business?

For any business that has multiple vehicles on its books, fleet repair can be an essential part of not only keeping vehicles running, but also keeping a business on the move.

Many companies have more than one vehicle, even those who do not specialize in the transportation of goods. Fleet repair services are those offered by an auto body shop to include repairs to all of a company's vehicles, and typically include such maintenance options as oil changes, tire rotations and yearly examinations. These fleet repair packages are often available at a discounted rate from regular services, depending on the number of vehicles that a company is looking to have taken care of.

The benefits of a reliable fleet repair program are apparent the first time a vehicle breaks down. With a dedicated auto body shop to use, the vehicle can simply be dropped off and repairs performed, allowing a company to get on with their business rather than worrying about where to have repairs done. Add to this the benefits of regular, qualified maintenance to fleet vehicles, and fleet repair offers a great way for businesses to stay ahead and ensure that their vehicles are safe on the road.

Image: Woodburn Auto Repair


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