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What is a Tune-Up Exactly? Most Important Things to Know

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The phrase "tune-up" is a nuanced one. You probably hear it all the time in radio or TV advertising. But what is a tune-up? For some people, the phrase conjures up 1950's Grease-style images of hot-rodders fixing up custom cars before a race. However, nowadays the term means something closer to a maintenance check up. It still retains its connections to performance and racing, though: a tune-up typically involves maintenance and repairs performed under the hood rather than on other parts of the car, like tires or suspension.

Understanding what a tune-up is and how it helps your car last longer is important, as regular tune-ups are needed to keep engines running smoothly and powerfully. Here are the most important things to know about tune-ups:

What is a Tune-Up?

An engine tune-up usually focuses on repairing, cleaning, or replacing parts under the hood. This includes:

  • Spark plugs
  • Caps
  • Rotors
  • Wires
  • Fuel injection systems

Some tune-ups may involve inspections of other systems, including pumps, filters, and valves. Exact details will depend on the car's model, make, age, and wear. For a more extensive inspection, you might consider a complete car-checkup that includes other aspects of the car's operation.

As far as tune-up frequency goes, each car is different, but once a year is a good rule of thumb. You definitely need a tune-up if you experience loss in engine power, trouble starting the vehicle, or strange sounds or smells coming from the engine. Ask a pro if you need more advice on tune-up schedules.
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Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups

Regular maintenance checks and precision tune-ups are a necessity for all car owners. Some of the benefits of regular tune-ups include:

  • Avoiding major breakdowns
  • Reducing major repair bills in the long run
  • Helping the vehicle retain a higher resale value over time
  • Keeping the vehicle performing at its peak (saving money on gas, as well)
  • Keeping the engine starting reliably
  • Lowering emissions
  • Restoring lost "pep" and engine power
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Professional Quality Tune-ups and Diagnostics at Convoy Auto Repair

A proper tune-up starts with proper diagnostic processes. At Convoy Auto Repair, our certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your car and provide a thorough and accurate estimate of the work required before any repairs are actually performed. We also implement a 10-step process if your car does need service:

  • Identifying any symptoms indicating poor engine performance
  • Road testing the vehicle to confirm any problems
  • Visually inspecting major engine components
  • Double-checking findings against vehicle tune-up specs, manufacturer recalls, and industry announcements
  • Obtaining problem codes from the vehicle computer (if applicable)
  • Running a computerized analysis of major engine systems
  • Creating a detailed report of our findings and discussing solutions with you
  • Performingonly the repairs that you authorize
  • Running another quick road test to ensure everything is fixed and functioning properly
  • Backing all our repairs with our Nationwide Limited Warranty

Each car is different and has unique tune-up needs. Our team of certified auto professionals understands how to analyze each vehicle make and model to determine what maintenance and repairs are needed to keep your car at top performance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or stop by today to take care of your vehicle's tune-up and diagnostic needs. Your car will love you for it!


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