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What Can Go Wrong With Your Brakes?

Brake maintenance, including brake pad replacement, is something that needs to be done on any vehicle periodically in order to ensure that it's not only safe to drive, but also that it stops as smoothly as possible. Brakes should be monitored with each regular maintenance check that a car undergoes, since there are a number of brake issues that can arise.

brake repair

Often, the first indicator of a brake problem will be that the pedal goes down too far toward the floor before the car begins to slow down, which can be due to a number of issues, including low brake fluid level or contaminated brake fluid. If the pedal is too firm, you may have vacuum problems. Brake pad replacement can also be necessary, and signs that this is required will be quite obvious. If you your brakes begin to squeal when stopping, if your car pulls to one side, or if you have to pump the brake pedal to stop, a brake pad replacement is something to consider.

By paying attention to physical cues and making sure your car gets the right maintenance at the right time, you can ensure your brakes will always stop your car on time.

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