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We can repair $99 brake jobs!

Every day we get customers phone shopping and asking, “How much do brakes cost?”

99% of the time, the brakes have yet to be inspected. When you call a mass merchandiser or an independent auto shop whose only concern is getting your car into their garage, they will often quote you the lowest possible “starting at” entry level pricing. Unfortunately, this can be very misleading. Even if they do replace brakes at their quoted lower cost, they are generally short cutting the proper process and/or using substandard parts. Many times, these brakes are lower in performance than the ones your vehicle originally came with, which leaves you with substandard brakes at best.

worn out

Every year, shops install new brake pads and shoes and reuse the old hardware. We can’t begin to tell you how many of these “$99 brake jobs" we fix and correct annually. Neglecting to replace brake hardware when replacing brake pads or shoes could lead to premature wear and timely returns for noises. Even if the old brake hardware appears OK, don’t be fooled – if your brake pads or shoes are worn out, your hardware is too.

The fact is, constant tension, heat, friction and mechanical stress - the same things that caused your brake pads and shoes to wear out - will eventually cause your brake hardware to fail.

The results can range from reduced braking efficiency, to the premature wear of your brake pads and shoes, to a complete and unexpected failure.

Why take chances? Have your brakes physically inspected by an ASE certified technician. Have the shop give you an itemized estimate on the proper repair for your brakes, and ask them to explain why they have made their recommendations. This is truly the only way you will get accurate pricing and a complete and safe brake repair.

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