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Treat Your Car: Top 5 Car Accessories for Your Ride


Many people spend a lot of time at car dealers haggling over prices for the car with the best features and built-in gadgets. However, nearly any car can be made much better with the right types of add-on accessories.

Most accessories are relatively inexpensive, and can make your drives more enjoyable (and in some instances, much safer). Some of these you can also make on your own. Here’s a list of the top 5 car accessories for your vehicle.

1. Trunk Organizer

Very few drivers understand how revolutionary it can be to use a trunk organizer. Do you hear thuds or bumps every time you turn or brake? It's time to tie up the loose items rolling around in your trunk. You can prevent damage to your belongings and do away with those driving distractions with a portable trunk organizer.  

Also, trunk organizers are very easy to make your own. Sometimes even just having a cardboard box or a crate can help with groceries (especially eggs) and other fragile items. Plus, it makes your trunk look much neater and cleaner.

2. Dash Cams

Dash cams have become very popular recently due to all sorts of dash cam footage on YouTube. In particular, they are very popular in Russia and other European countries, where drivers use them mostly for insurance purposes. Dash cams can have a multitude of uses, including evidence in accidents, theft, or just artistic footage of scenic drives. They’ve decreased in price over the years, too. You can buy a decent dash cam for about $15 on amazon.com (though of course, there are tons of models and price ranges to choose from).  

3. Rain-X

Ok, this one’s more of a windshield care product for your car, but this one is so great that many folks swear by it. Rain-X creates a moisture barrier on your car’s windshield, which drastically improves vision as water, snow, bugs, and debris are easily wicked off as you drive. It makes cleaning much easier, and dramatically increases safety due to visibility. There are many variations of this product, but the spray on version wins for convenience. It needs to be a reapplied regularly for maximum effectiveness. This is one auto accessory that truly changed the windshield cleaning game.

4. Whoa Band

A Whoa Band is a device that straps your belongings into one of the car seats to keep them from moving around while you drive. Helpful, especially for musicians who like to keep their gear in the front or back seat. Great for amps and small speakers. Excellent for backpacks and handbags. Don’t use them as a seatbelt of course!

5. Dual or Triple USB Phone Charger

Nowadays, pretty much everyone in the family has their own phone. Get a triple USB phone charger to avoid arguments over who gets to charge their phone next.You can charge up to three phones (or tablets) at once, which is great for long road trips or even work trips for those who carry multiple devices.

Many of us spend a lot of time in cars. Why not treat our cars to top-notch service and accessories? These can help make our daily commutes easier and hassle-free.To reduce any other driving worries, stop by Convoy Auto Repair, San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop. Keep your car running in its best shape by scheduling complete car check ups at regular intervals with our shop’s certified mechanic team.


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