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Top 5 Summer Driving Routes: Best Road Trip Routes

It’s finally starting to warm up all across this great country of ours meaning it is finally time to start thinking about summer road trip season. And since we have already explored some of the top summer road trip cars, now let’s look at some of the best road trip routes this summer. Some you may have heard of and some may be new to you, but we promise that none of these roads will disappoint. You may even get lucky and avoid cries of "are we there yet?" from the back seat.

tail of the dragon driving route

Tail of the Dragon—Located to the East in the Smoky Mountains along a stretch of US 129, this is considered the most challenging driving road in the United States thanks to 318 curves over the course of just 11 miles. Now, take this road at full speed and your passengers may get nauseous (and you may hit a tree...) so we recommend you try a few passes along the road before driving it like you are Mario Andretti.

The Northern Route Cross Country—This way across the country takes you through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, over the Rocky Mountains and is no picnic to drive during the winter months. Gusty winds in Wyoming can get to over 80 miles per hour along this route in winter so we recommend you only take this scenic route in summer time. It will get you all the way to New York City if you want or you can turn around at your leisure. Or at the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas. (Seriously, it's there.)

The Ortega Highway—This local driving road is exemplary for those seeking mountain road style driving fun, even if it can get a bit clogged by motorcycles on the weekends. The Ortega Highway runs from the 5 freeway in South Orange County all the way to Lake Elsinore and offers up some of the best scenery and most hairpin curves in the area. A great place to test out your new roadster or sport coupe!

Highway 1 coast

Highway One through Monterey to Big Sur in California—Possibly the most scenic and breathtaking drives in all of the world, this stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California may not be the fastest way to get somewhere but it is one of the most memorable. Stunning beaches on one side, historic redwoods on the other, and countless small towns makes you think about a completely different way of life.

Highway 190 in Death Valley National Park—Do you like things hot? Like, really, really, really hot? Well, this could be the perfect road for you as during the summer months it gets so insanely hot that we must recommend you get your air conditioning system checked out before you go. With temperatures regularly in the range of 110+ in the daytime, you don’t want to get to this very straight and not-well-populated road and have your car’s A/C go out.

Images courtesy of Tail of the Dragon, Soublet Photography


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