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Tips for Attending San Diego Car Shows and Events

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Car shows and events are a fun way to see new cars, learn about automobile facts and history, and interact with other car enthusiasts. Sure, you can look at cars online all day, but there’s nothing like seeing them in person. Car events also help you to look ahead and learn about upcoming developments and trends in the automobile world.

The San Diego International Auto Show, one of the major car shows in San Diego, is happening from Dec. 31 to Jan. 3. at the San Diego Convention Center. In light of this major event, here are some overall tips for attending different types of car shows and events in San Diego.

Tips for Major Car Shows and Conventions

Large car shows and conventions are an awesome time and can sometimes last several days. Here are some tips to maximize your time at these venues:

  • Get tickets early before they sell out
  • Plan your directions, parking, and hotel reservations early, as these can get crowded pretty quickly
  • Check out the floor plans and itineraries so you know exactly where to go and at what times
  • Come prepared with a list of questions for representatives; it’s also a good time to offer up suggestions directly to manufacturer personnel
  • Watch for specials: Family Days, Military discounts, etc.
  • Some of these offer special attractions and test drives!

Tips for Smaller Local Gatherings

San Diego is also home to a very wide range of local gatherings, meet-ups, and drive-ins for car lovers. One type of gathering is Cars, Coffee and Donuts that’s emerged in the past few years. These gatherings can be found all over San Diego; some of these are in Kearny Mesa or nearby. Some tips for attending local meets include:

  • Contact the organizer for exact meet-up times and locations; smaller events are often subject to last-minute cancelation
  • You don’t have to own a nice car to attend most of these; you can often just go to hang out and chat about cars
  • Show off your bad boy—If you do own a particular car, these are opportunities to park your ride and show your stuff in a friendly and neighborly atmosphere
  • Donate: Many local events are held for the overall goal of supporting a charity, such as Cali Coalition’s Toys for Tots Event
  • Cruises: Many local gatherings often involve a cruising aspect. A nice one to check out is Hotrod Holly’s
  • Christmas Morning Cruise.

Be sure to respect the venue where the meetup is held. No engine revving, no burnouts, loud music, etc. Support your local businesses when you can.

Inquire with Owner’s Clubs

If you own a rare car or a collector car, owner's clubs are a quick way to connect with a community that shares the same car interests as you. Examples of these in San Diego are the San Diego Mustang Club, the Corvette Owner’s Club of San Diego, and Classic Thunderbirds of San Diego.

Owner’s clubs host lots of parades, shows, and competitions, so even if you’re not an owner, you can still benefit a lot from contacting such clubs.

If you’d like more info about San Diego car shows and events, the San Diego Tribune has put out a helpful car events calendar. Manyof the smaller local happenings are announced on Facebook or by word of mouth, so keep your ear to the streets! If you want to keep your car prepped and in tip-top shape for events, visit us today at Convoy Auto Repair for a thorough and accurate complete car check-up and other great services.



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