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The Importance of Flushing Coolant

It’s common knowledge that you need to change your oil regularly to keep your car running well. Did you know you also need to change your coolant? In the past, car owners would change their anti-freeze every fall, making sure they were ready for the colder winter months (well... maybe not in San Diego!). Modern coolant doesn’t need to be changed quite that often, but it does still lose its effectiveness over time, and flushing coolant will remove buildup, if you have it.

The importance of flushing coolant

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Coolant/anti-freeze does two things for your vehicle. It prevents the water from boiling out as it moves through special chambers through the engine, into the radiator and back again and it prevents the water from freezing inside those chambers when the temperatures get low. The chemicals that make up coolant break down as the mixture ages and is exposed to extreme heat. Additionally, the coolant prevents high quantities of rust from forming within your cooling system and gunking it up.

Many manufacturers recommend a change at roughly 100,000 miles or 10 years of the original coolant. Do you know what your car manufacturer recommends? Check out your owners manual for exact mileage or time. Dirty coolant or coolant with too much water in it can do long term damage to your vehicle, making your older car wear down faster. Making sure your coolant is in good condition can save you costly repairs as your vehicle ages. Aftermarket coolants come in a few varieties, and some are designed for longer-term use than others. Many coolant manufacturers recommend you change it after 3-5 years or 30-50,000 miles.

Not sure when your coolant was last changed? Stop by Convoy Auto Repair for an inspection or give us a call to set up a time to have it flushed!


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