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The Heart of Convoy Auto Repair Repair: A Legacy of Excellence in San Diego

Convoy Auto Repair Repair in San Diego, CA, is not just a business; it's a legacy built on nearly fifty years of dedication to automotive excellence. Established in 1976, Convoy Auto Repair has grown under the ownership of a passionate and experienced leader in the automotive industry since he was 17. Today, at 64, he brings unparalleled expertise and a customer-first approach that distinguishes Convoy Auto Repair from its competitors.

A Journey Through Time

Convoy Auto Repair Repair has been a pillar of the San Diego community for decades. The current owner, who took over in 1990, has continued the legacy of quality and commitment to service that began in 1976. Over the past 34 years, he has witnessed the industry evolve and has ensured that Convoy Auto Repair evolves with it. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve is reflected in the shop's embrace of technology and the continuous improvement of their services and facilities, all for the benefit of the community they serve.

Expertise That Speaks Volumes

What truly sets Convoy Auto Repair apart from other shops and dealerships is the genuine passion for cars that permeates its team. Unlike many competitors who hire individuals with no mechanical background, Convoy Auto's team is made up of true car enthusiasts. From the front desk to the mechanics, every team member understands cars inside and out, ensuring that customers receive top-notch service from people who truly love what they do.

The reviews speak for themselves. Customers frequently experience "OMG moments," marveling at the high-quality service they receive from what they initially perceive as a "hole-in-the-wall" shop. As the owner proudly states, Convoy Auto Repair is a "mom-and-pop shop 2.0!"

Commitment to Quality

At Convoy Auto, the commitment to quality is unwavering. Every car undergoes rigorous quality control, including extensive test drives, to ensure all issues are resolved. This thorough approach is akin to the meticulous work of a heart surgeon, ensuring that problems are identified and fixed the first time, preventing future breakdowns and costly repairs.


The shop's diagnostic capabilities are one of its superpowers. While many shops rely solely on technology, Convoy Auto Repair combines tech with hands-on experience, providing comprehensive and accurate diagnoses. This blend of old-school expertise and modern technology ensures that customers receive the best possible care for their vehicles.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Convoy Auto's customer-first philosophy is evident in every aspect of the business. From the newly remodeled storefront to the upgraded lobby with free water (a favorite among staff), every detail is designed with the customer in mind. The shop offers a local shuttle service within a five-mile radius and can arrange rideshare services if needed. Many customers even take advantage of the nearby Original Pancake House, Starbucks, and other eateries while their cars are serviced.


The shop's goal is to help customers keep their cars running smoothly for as long as possible, offering same-day services whenever possible and clear communication about any delays due to parts availability.

Why We Do What We Do

For the owner and his team, Convoy Auto Repair is more than just a business—it's a passion. The joy of seeing a broken car restored to its original condition and the satisfaction of making a client happy drive their work. This passion makes Convoy Auto Repair a trusted name in the community, with generations of families relying on their services.


The owner reflects on his journey from working on cars as a teenager to leading a successful business that values integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. He and his team take pride in their work, treating every car with the care it deserves and building lasting relationships with their customers.


In the words of the owner, "This is my happy place. I want to spend time here. The trust is generational. It goes beyond family and friends. It becomes generational within the family. It's the deepest level of integrity."

A Bright Future Ahead

As Convoy Auto Repair continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to excellence remains steadfast. With a dedicated team, state-of-the-art facilities, and a customer-centric approach, Convoy Auto Repair is poised to serve the San Diego community for many years.

Visit Convoy Auto Repair Repair and experience the heart and soul of a business that genuinely cares about your car and your satisfaction.

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