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The 7 Easiest and Most Popular Car Mods


One of the joys of owning a car is customizing and modifying it to suit your preferences and tastes. There are infinite ways that you can transform your car from stock to an expression of your own personal flavor and individuality. Car "modding" is a hobby that has been around since cars were invented. There are many different “schools” of car customization, and many feel that it’s an art form in itself.

Whether for performance, for pure looks, or both, car mods can increase your car’s value and can set you apart from the rest of the pack. Here are 7 of the most popular car mods to check out.

Wheel and Rim Mods

This is one mod that can have a direct influence on your car’s performance. For instance, wheel size and width can affect grip and acceleration, while a lower tire profile can help to reduce weight. Another popular mod is to go with the 1950’s classic whitewall look.

Switching up your rims is another way to put your stamp of individuality on your car. There are countless rim styles to choose from. You can also choose from every color combination as well—chrome, silver, gold, black, and white are popular. Alloy rim materials can dramatically reduce weight and improve your car’s performance.


Achieving a “lowered look” or lower stance is usually accomplished by modifying the car’s suspension. This can give the entire car an overall lower center of gravity, which can in turn improve performance, especially with regards to handling and cornering. Plus, it just makes your car “look” faster! There are varying degrees you can reach, from a slight lowering to bumper-scraping.  

Of course, suspension modifications aren’t just limited to lowering a car. Suspensions can also be modified and optimized for off-road purposes. This is great for trucks, rally cars and more.


Window tints are another very popular vehicle customization and modification. In many cases, car owners will tint their windows as a way to reduce glare and UV rays (the same reasons people wear sunglasses). However, window tints can also add privacy and a certain “mystique” and style to a car. Darker window tints can also accentuate a fresh paint job.

One side note—you’ll want to make sure that your particular grade of window tint (the amount of darkness) complies with your state’s window tinting standards. You should also keep this in mind if you plan to drive your car across different state lines.

New Paint Job

Another common car mod is a paint job. This can be anything from a basic color change to an all-out custom job with graphics. Depending on your tastes, this can range from very subtle to attention-grabbing. Two-tone paint jobs are popular options, as are metallic flakes. If you’re not into flashy designs, a little pinstriping looks excellent on older vintage models and muscle cars.


For some car models, there’s nothing like adding shiny chrome double tail pipes. These can make a simple car look super tough and classy at the same time. For trucks, customized tail pipes can create an instant hot-rod look, or even a monster truck-type feel. As with any of these mods, just don’t overdo it, unless you want to give off Mad Max vibes. Side note: if you’re looking to change the sound of your car’s exhaust output, be sure you’re staying within local noise and decibel limits.   

Body Kits

Body kits can really transform your car from an unnoticed stock machine to a standout, iconic signature piece. In addition, they can also improve performance due to lightweight materials and aerodynamic factors. Kits can include changes to bumpers, fenders, spoilers, and other parts. You can do a slight mod on only one or a few parts, or you can go all the way for a complete makeover.

Head and Tail Lights

This is a simple customization that looks great on both new and older vehicles alike. Outdated or dingy driving lights can really put a damper on a car’s look. Fresh new lights can also provide additional illumination at night, too.

There was a point in time when car mods were somewhat looked down upon, especially those involving excessive looks or tacky customization. These days, however, it’s pretty safe to say that people are free to do as they please with regards to mods. Just do what makes you happy!

However, it's worth making sure that the mods help performance, and that they don’t jeopardize driving safety. If your car needs repair or tuning up, it’s best to take care of that before doing any further mods. For top-rated car repairs and complete car checkups, contact us today at Convoy Auto Repair, San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop. We have services and plans to fit all of your car and driving needs!


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