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Top 5 Convertibles for an End of Summer Drive

Top 5 Convertibles for an End of Summer Drive

Newsflash: it's already August. Parents are thinking about back to school, vacations are wrapping up, and the summer heat is just getting started. Just because the end of summer is near doesn't mean squat to the sun; August and September are San Diego's hot weather months. And when temperatures start to climb so high that you’d do almost anything to escape the heat (including go to the mall), then you know it’s time to take a drive in your convertible to a cooler locale, preferably near an ocean or other body of water. This long enjoyed ritual of taking a top-down convertible drive to nowhere in particular (although we do have a collection of the top summer driving routes) means it’s just as important what car you drive to get there. We've taken five highly varied convertible options that all serve different budgets, tastes and numbers of passengers to bring you the top 5 convertibles for an end of summer drive. A convertible is best enjoyed during the summer months with just a driver ... read more


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