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Best Driving Songs: 10 Songs For Your Daily Commute

Even if you're one of the lucky ones who loves your job, getting on the road every morning with thousands of other drivers all trying to balance shaving and polishing off a breakfast burrito isn't easy. The stop and go, getting cut off, and being honked at when it totally wasn't your fault can put the most positive people in the wrong frame of mind for starting the work day. And getting back home is no walk in the park, either (if your daily commute does involve a walk in the park perhaps you're already in a calmer state of mind). Either you can learn meditation techniques in Burma from a Buddhist Monk or you can just listen to your favorite driving songs that soothe, inspire and make you want to sing along like an idiot. You can deny you sing along to music in the car all you want (we know the truth), but we're sure you won’t deny that the following ten songs are a terrific remedy for workday stresses. Best Driving Songs “Let it Be”—The Beatles A truly beautifu ... read more


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