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I Resolve To: Save Money

In the second of our New Year's Resolutions series, we'll explore how you can save money in the new year with your car. Unfortunately, new year's resolutions about money often make people think they are forced to make difficult choices: do you pay down your existing debt or finally get that check engine light looked at? These choices are a result of the common dilemma of more money now or more money later. As people, it's typically too difficult to think in the long term, even when long term choices are the better ones; gratification now is usually preferred, even if it means more work later. The good news is that saving money all year can be both a short term and long term resolution, even when it comes to your car. Perform regular maintenance: We'll start off with an obvious tip. Regular car maintenance means two very important money saving things: one, that your car will stay in top shape longer, requiring fewer and less expensive repairs over ... read more


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