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The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

We've been talking a lot about value on the Convoy blog lately, so it might seem strange to suddenly be talking about expensive cars and their just-as-expensive insurance premiums. But there is still value in a luxury car - for those who can afford the upfront cost, a luxury car comes with certain features that other cars don't, such as included maintenance, higher quality (and longer lasting) parts, and a much higher resale value compared to your average family sedan. And for those who are in the market for a higher end vehicle do have their own value needs to consider - one of which is the higher cost of full coverage insurance. You might think that insuring your new $100,000 luxury car or SUV would be a relatively affordable car to insure, given that you are older, you own your home, you have established credit, and you have a near-perfect driving record (compared to a 21-year old in a Mustang flooring it at every stop light on his way to his job at Starbucks). After a ... read more


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