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The Chrysler Lawsuit and How It May Impact You

It has come to light in the past several years that several Dodge and Chrysler vehicles are equipped with valve stems that are prone to corrosion and damage. This failure is most common in colder parts of the country, but even here in warmer states the failure still occurs routinely. This failure can and does happen on weakened valve stems sometimes by just simply unscrewing the cap to check the tire pressure. It should be noted that the valve stem is merely the most common part that fails, other parts of the system are also at risk. If you own a 2008-2011 Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country, you may be at risk. These defects can cause tire blowouts, even at low speeds. There is currently a pending lawsuit against Chrysler over this issue, and their failure to issue a recall. Later models switched to rubberized valve stems to avoid the problems found in earlier models. At Convoy, we’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the effects of this firsthand. I ... read more



Reminder: Get Your Used Vehicle Inspected by a Technician Before Purchasing

When making a decision to purchase a used vehicle, it should always be inspected by a third party before purchase. While there are many very reputable used car dealers in San Diego, we have found over the years that we are able to uncover many needs, neglected maintenance or concerns not addressed in the dealer’s multipoint inspection process. Most dealers use entry level technicians and mechanic’s helpers to perform their own multipoint inspection punch list. While it may look impressive, it generally is pretty surface level. On the flip side, when Convoy has a seasoned ASE certified technician inspect the vehicle, they use their years of experience and a "fine tooth comb" to inspect the vehicle. This is where we discover all of the skeletons in the closet. In this particular inspection, a Convoy customer brought in a Volvo they had just purchased from a very reputable dealer. After further inspection, we found an oil leak, and a possible transmission problem. Si ... read more


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