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Best Cars for Pets of 2014

Best Cars for Pets of 2014

Parents always make sure their kids are either in an appropriate car seat or booster or are wearing their seat belts in the car, right? Of course; even if sometimes your kids get on your nerves you love them, and (most importantly) it’s the law. So why on Earth aren’t you putting your dog in a safety harness or restraint whenever he or she rides along with you? This is especially surprising since everyone knows the dog is the most loved member of the family. (Don’t deny it, they don’t talk back.) There are many ways to keep your pet safe in the car. The first is to always have them riding in the back of the car because a front airbag detonation would most likely prove deadly in a frontal impact. The second is to use an appropriate safety harness or carrier for your pet's size and weight. And if you're the type to hold your small dog, cat, or p ... read more


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