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Getting Your Air Conditioner Serviced For The Summer

Getting Your Air Conditioner Serviced For The Summer

Getting the right auto air conditioning service before summer hits is essential in making sure that both you and your car stay cool and run smoothly. Over the winter, a car’s A/C system will often see little or no use, meaning that parts can freeze up, corrode, or fail without a driving ever being aware of it. When the system is started in the summer, it may either produce very little cold air or none at all. If an A/C issue is left unserviced, it can cause not only a lack of comfort, but it can also cause serious damage to the car itself. There are a number of problems that auto air conditioning service can address, and two of the most common are torn or cracked drive belts that turn the air compressor and a plugged condenser, which cools the refrigerant as it is circulating through the system. If either of these parts becomes damaged, a vibration inside the car may result, along with reduced air flow or a ... read more


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