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Tablet Before Wrench: 5 Ways Tech is Changing Car Repair

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Technology has transformed the way we live--from how we work, to how we listen to music--and car repair is no exception.

The influence of technology in the auto and auto repair industries have made the process car repair much different than it was even five years ago. Today, you’re much more likely to see your mechanic reach for their tablet first--before their toolbox. Here are the 5 ways that tech is changing car repair.

Diagnostics Gone Digital

The biggest way that the auto repair industry has been influenced by tech is through the ability of computers to do advanced diagnostic work. By hooking up the diagnostic software to your car, mechanics can cut down the time to run a full inspection of your car from 8 hours to under an hour.

The diagnostic software can test each area of the car independently so that the issue can be specified quickly and accurately. So when you see your mechanic reaching for their computer or tablet as soon as you bring your car in with trouble, they’re not being lazy--they're saving you time!

Sophisticated Computing on Cars

Cars today are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to their onboard computer systems. In fact, in most cars computers control pretty much everything from braking to fuel consumption to your heated seats.

This means that mechanics also have to be more technically sophisticated so that they can understand these computers inside-and-out. Computing in cars has gotten so advanced that a good mechanic today is practically an IT professional and can fix your car’s computer with the same skill as they can change your oil.

New Auto Body Techniques

In addition to the influence of computers, the way that cars are being constructed are evolving as well. In particular, aluminum is becoming more prevalent in car design. Car manufacturers are turning to aluminum because it’s lighter and more durable than steel, allowing cars to have better fuel economy and safety without reduced performance.

However, this means that auto repair shops need all new equipment and techniques to deal with this different type of metal. And although aluminum lasts longer and is stronger, banged-up aluminum panels can’t simply be reshaped like steel can, and the whole panel has to be replaced, which costs significantly more.

Increase in Hybrid and Electric Cars

As you’ve probably noticed, there have been a lot more hybrid and electric cars out on the road in the past couple years. The technology that has made hybrid and electric cars so popular means that mechanics these days must be well versed in combustion, electric, and hybrid engine systems.

The increase in different engine types is making it even more important for car owners to find technically proficient mechanics that stay on top of the latest tech developments in cars. The best thing to do if you have a hybrid or electric car is to find an auto repair shop that specializes in hybrid and electric cars near you.

Advancements in In-Car Entertainment

The last way that tech is changing car repair is advancements in in-car entertainment systems. New models of cars are rolling off the assembly line equipped with Wifi, TV screens, Bluetooth, and smartphone connectivity. Services like Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto can also already be found in certain cars and are certain to be ubiquitous within 5 years.

Because you can’t drive your car into the Genius Bar, your car repair shop is going to be the place to turn to when one of these systems eventually runs into problems. So mechanics will have to know how to fix your car’s entertainment gadgets as well as they know how to fix your transmission.

Overall, technology is changing car repair rapidly, and this trend has shown no signs of slowing down. Auto repair shops and mechanics will have to change with it in order to be able to service these advanced cars properly. That’s why it’s so important to go to an auto repair shop you can trust that employs ASE certified and master technicians, like Convoy Auto Repair. For more information about our latest technologies and certifications, contact us Convoy Auto Repair today.

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