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Summer Strut: What Are Your Struts, and What Do They Do?

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Summer Strut: What Are Your Struts, and What Do They Do?

Many components of your car's suspension system work together to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. One of the most important of these components is the strut.


When your car hits a bump or pothole, the struts compress to absorb the impact. The spring in the strut helps to dampen the rebound and prevent the car from bouncing excessively. This helps to keep your car's wheels in contact with the road, providing better traction and control.


At Convoy Auto Repair, we want to empower you to take great care of your vehicle. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what struts are, how they work, and why they're so crucial for your car's safety and performance.

What Are Struts?

First, let's define what struts are. Struts are a type of suspension component designed to absorb shocks and vibrations from the road while also supporting your car's weight. Struts differ from other suspension components, like shocks, because they are a structural part of the suspension system. Struts typically include a spring, a shock absorber, and other components that help support and stabilize your car's frame.


Several types of struts are used in vehicles, including MacPherson, Chapman, and pushrod struts. MacPherson struts are the most common type of strut in many modern vehicles. Chapman struts are similar to MacPherson struts but are used in race cars and other high-performance vehicles. Pushrod struts are used in aircraft and some high-performance race cars.

How Do Struts Work?

Struts play a crucial role in your car's suspension system, helping to maintain stability, control, and handling. They do this by supporting your car's weight and absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road. Now that we know what struts are let's look at how they work.


Struts also play an essential role in your car's handling, steering, and braking. They help to maintain the alignment of your car's wheels, which is crucial for steering and handling. Struts also help to distribute weight evenly across your car's tires, which is vital for braking and cornering.

Signs of Strut Problems

Struts can experience wear and tear over time, like any other car component. Some common signs of strut problems include:

  • Excessive bouncing
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering issues 


If you notice any of these signs, come see us at Convoy Auto Repair ASAP.


Strut problems can impact your car's safety and performance, causing your car to handle poorly, have reduced traction, and experience excessive vibration or bouncing. Sometimes, strut problems can cause your car to lose control or result in a dangerous accident.

Strut Maintenance

To prevent strut problems and ensure optimal performance, it's essential to have your struts inspected regularly by a professional mechanic like those here at Convoy Auto Repair. Your mechanic can check for signs of wear and damage and perform routine maintenance tasks like checking for leaks, replacing worn components, and aligning your wheels.


By taking good care of your struts, you can help extend their lifespan and ensure they provide reliable support and stability for your car's suspension system.

Strut Repairs At Convoy Auto Repair

If your struts require repair or replacement, it's crucial to have the work done by a professional mechanic with experience in suspension repair. Our expert auto mechanics can help you with your vehicle needs at Convoy Auto Repair in San Diego, CA. We are located at 3909 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111; stop by; we are excited to meet you! Schedule an appointment today, And be sure to Like our Facebook page to keep informed on the latest Convoy Auto Repair news.


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