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San Diego Car Wash and Car Care Tips to Beat the Weather

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Washing and caring for your car here in San Diego means that you have to take special considerations in mind, especially when it comes to the weather. Here in sunny California, our cars are exposed to much different conditions than say, out in the East coast. You may know practice some of these out of habit or instinct, but knowing what you can do to prolong the beauty and functioning of your car can help that much more.

Read on to learn about some carwash and car care tips specific to San Diego and Kearny Mesa:

Exterior Care

San Diego has some unique climate characteristics. If you drive to the west towards the beach, the climate can be a bit cooler and more humid due to the coastal conditions. However, the further east you drive, you might start coming up against drier, more desert-like conditions.

This can cause earlier wear of certain parts like the tires, which become subject to alternating expansion and dryness, which can lead to early cracking of rubber and other similar parts. This is especially important for people who commute between east and west everyday.

Make sure that:

  • Your tires are fresh and suitable for your daily commute
  • Your windshield is clean and free of dust and other debris
  • You use a car cover or park indoors when possible
  • You wash and wax your car frequently to help prevent corrosion
  • You avoid driving directly on sand

Interior Care

One of the main things to consider for care of your car’s interior in San Diego is to mind the heat. Here are some points to think about regarding your car’s interior

  • Don’t leave food and drink in your car- they can spoil very quickly in the summer sun!
  • Keep the floor vacuumed and clean- bits of fast food or carne asada can turn your car’s floors into a mess in the heat
  • Try using a windshield sun shade when parking to keep the interior of your car cooler when you come back; also try to park underneath shade when possible
  • Be sure the AC is operational and that all cooling fluids are full
  • Dirty air filters can affect your car’s performance; likewise, a dirty or clogged cabin air filter will affect your car’s AC and vent efficiency

Tip: Some people like to use interior polishes and upholstery products, but these chemicals can often cause surfaces to crack or dry up in extreme heat. Exercise caution when selecting and using such products.

When it comes to the weather, San Diego simply can’t be beat. By following these tips, you can prolong the life and beauty of your car while still enjoying the sun and the beaches. If you need specific repairs or if you need to schedule regular, complete car checkups, visit us today at Convoy Auto Repair. We’re San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop, and we’re passionate about keeping our customers happy and satisfied with their beloved vehicles.  


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