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Off Roading: Safety and Best Cars

If you’ve decided to go off-roading, safety is a primary concern and there are several things that you should do to prepare for your adventure. Be sure that you are very familiar with how your vehicle works, and don’t try to exceed its capacities. 

porsche off roading

No matter what vehicle you use, you will want a few features at minimum including: 4 wheel drive, locking differentials to pull your vehicle through rough terrain, knobby tires, off-road suspension, and a powerful engine. There are dozens of other off-roading features that have been added to some of the more recent off-road models such as skid plates and off-road dampers. 

Some good recent 2015 vehicles for off-roading include the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, Nissan Xterra Pro-4X, Jeep Wrangler (both the standard and the Rubicon), the Land Rover LR4, Toyota Land Cruiser, Ram 2500, and the Ford F-150. 

In general, you want to use a vehicle that has been designed for the specific purpose of off roading, otherwise you risk damaging your vehicle. Most vehicles are simply not designed for rough terrain and you can damage their shocks and components when you try to use them for the wrong purpose.

Below are a few basic safety tips for off road driving that you should keep in mind:

Take it slow – speed is not the goal with off-roading and the faster you go the greater the chance of a mistake. You don’t want to damage your vehicle from kicking up rocks at a high speed, so go nice and easy.

Keep on the trail – don’t veer off trail, stick to paths that have been driven already. You don’t want to ruin your day by getting your vehicle stuck or make ruts in the ground when you don’t need to.

Scope out your path beforehand – it’s best to go on foot and check out your path before you actually drive it. That way there are no surprises.

Install off-road tires – if your vehicle doesn’t have off-road tires stock, then you should strongly consider installing off-road tires before your trip. The best off-road features and engine power can’t make up for low quality tires. If you're looking for a good mechanic in San Diego to do the job, get in touch with us today!

Pack survival gear – your vehicle might break down in the middle of nowhere, and you might need to walk back. Have everything you need for survival gear including an emergency GPS beacon, first aid kits, food, water, tents, hiking gear, and anything else you would normally bring when hiking a long trail. 

Following these tips and using the right vehicle will ensure that your off-road adventure is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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