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Not Your Mother's Car: The New Generation of Female Car Buyers

caucasian woman reads manual while under hood of car

For the first time ever, there are more women than men with driving licenses across all age groups. This isn’t just a fun fact, but points to a more important trend in car buying. Gone are the clueless, helpless stereotypes--it's time to acknowledge the fact that females are shaking up the automotive industry. It’s time to take a look at what makes this new generation of female car buyers so different and so important.

They’re Informed and Know What They Want

Today, more than ever, you can’t assume that the new generation of female car buyers knows less about cars than their male counterparts. Not only are more women interested in cars in general, when it comes to car buying, women do their homework.

Studies have shown that females are increasingly likely to go online, email the dealership, or call around to get all the information they can before even setting foot in a dealership. By the time they are ready to pull the trigger on a car purchase, they’re armed information and ready to strike down any stereotypes you might have of women as “emotional” buyers. In fact, more women than men value practicality in a new car.

Women Are Calling the Shots Most of the Time

Not only is the new generation of female car buyers more likely to drive and be informed, they also are the ones that make the final car buying decision a majority of the time. The chief executive of Nissan said that over 60% of final car buying decisions are made by females. Topping that, an executive for General Motors said that women are influencing anywhere between 85% to 95% of all car buying decisions.

It’s a simple fact that the new generation of female car buyers are calling the shot not just for themselves, but for almost the entire car buying population as well.

They’re Dissatisfied With the Car Buying Experience

With such a strong influence on pretty much all car buying decisions, females are disproportionately dissatisfied with the car buying experience. According to a recent study, between 50% and 70% of females are dissatisfied with their current cars and 3 in 4 women felt misunderstood by car companies. If car companies and dealerships don’t change soon, they’re risking alienating this new generation of female car buyers. Now is the time to accept the fact that females are shaking up the automotive industry and everyone needs to get with the times.

You Can’t Make Generalizations Anymore

The main theme here is that you just can’t make generalizations about female car buyers anymore. The automotive industry needs to see that the new generation of female car buyers shouldn’t be referred to as “female car buyers” but rather just “car buyers”. The gender gap has closed and women today are equally informed, knowledgeable, and willing to pull the trigger on a deal for a new car.

If you’re part of the new generation of female car buyers and are looking for automotive repair shop that will treat you like an actual human being, check us out at Convoy Auto Repair today. After serving San Diego for 37 years, we’re the ASE Certified Professionals in San Diego you can trust.


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