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Most Realistic and Exciting Car Games for Car Lovers


For car lovers, video games offer an opportunity to see, drive, and modify cars that would otherwise be unaccessible in everyday life. Back in the days, car games used to be very basic with cheesy graphics. Nowadays, the gameplay and graphics of car games have gotten so advanced, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the game and real life! Also, many racing and driving games have actual licensing approval, meaning you can “drive” the actual, brand name care in the game!

There are so many categories of car games that it might be difficult to tell where to start. Here are a few of the main categories of car games to get you started:

Car Racing Games: Realistic Racing Simulators

Realistic racing simulator games, or “sims”, are car games that mimic real-life driving down to the last detail. Everything is basically as it would appear in real life — the car designs and brands, driving performance and physics, and the racing tracks and conditions. These give you the opportunity to race real cars under race track conditions (and often times, in real places on the map).

Some of the best car sim games include the Gran Turismo series, simply known as “GT”;  F1 games; and the Forza series of games. (Game series are where the franchise puts out different variations of the original title, sometimes on a yearly basis). iRacing and Assetto are great PC-only (computer, not XBox or Playstation) sims.

Arcade-Style Racing Games

These games feature more movie/arcade-like graphics, physics, and storylines. These typically involve stunts, being chased by the cops, drifting, or other crazy, non-real-world action. Top among these types of games include the Need for Speed series of games, Burnout, and The Crew. The Crew Wild Run is an open world expansion and is one of the more exciting games to be released as of late (“open world" means you can drive anywhere you want and aren’t limited to a particular track or course).

These are games that allow you to expand into more fantastical and exciting driving situations (not just on a track). The physics and graphics are very different than simulator games — they’re typically much less complicated to allow for a broader range of players.

Games with Cars: “GTA”-Style Games

Some games are not strictly racing or car games per se, but they feature some great gameplay with cars as part of the plot or mission. Examples of these are the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and the Saints Row franchises. These are open-world games where users can pick up a plethora of cars along the way. These range from commuter sedans and family station wagons to luxury rides and extreme sports cars. Sometimes boats, motorcycles, and even planes can be used as well.

One of the most enjoyable aspects about these games is the ability to customize, paint, and mod the cars that you pick up during your journeys. Be careful with these types of games — hours can pass by without you noticing!

Video games are a cheap, fun way to learn more about cars and how they handle and perform. Thus, they’re perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced car enthusiasts. However, unlike video game cars, your real-life car needs regular maintenance and check-ups. Take good care of your car and stop by Convoy Auto Repair for a complete car check up today. Our staff of specialists is on hand to provide you with the best service and care for your car.


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