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Most Exciting RC Shops in San Diego


Everyone loves remote control (RC) cars! These fast, zippy little machines make us feel like little kids again and allow us to race and go off road when we personally can’t. They are truly vehicles for our imaginations—there’s nothing like spending some time jumping them off ramps, doing donuts, and trying tricks with these miniature beasts. They’re also great for trying out mods and swapping parts to make them perform better.

RC cars go by many names, including radio control cars, remote controlled cars and other names. The hobby has also expanded to include RC airplanes, hovercrafts, helicopters, boats, drones, and more. At Convoy Auto Repair, we love all things cars and car-related. Check out some of the best RC shops and hobby shops in San Diego.

Hobby People

4344 Convoy Street

This favorite local RC shop is right down the street from us on Convoy Street. They have a nice selection of RC cars and airplanes, model trains, and other hobby-related items and supplies. This is a great store for people looking to get into the RC hobby world, as well as experienced hobbyists.

Discount Hobby Warehouse

7644 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

This is another Kearny Mesa hobby shop that’s right around the corner from us here at Convoy Auto Repair. Discount Hobby Warehouse has a very knowledgeable staff that is passionate about the hobby. They have been servicing the San Diego area since 1972, so they know what they’re talking about! They have a wide selection of the latest RC cars, rockets, helicopters, spare parts, and other items.

Discount Hobby Warehouse also has some great ready-to-drive and ready-to-fly options for those who don’t feel like building their own rides.

SDRC Raceway

8575 Production Ave.

SDRC Raceway is more than just a hobby RC shop—it’s a full-fledged RC raceway where hobbyists can drive their RC rides on exciting tracks! There are various tracks, and of course, official races to participate in. This is an excellent way to hone your driving skills, meet other RC drivers, and see what your car is made of. SDRC also has an on-site Pro Shop stocked with RC models and parts, and they also offer driving clinics and repair services as well.

Drones Made Easy

5390 Napa St, Suite B.

One of the latest fads in the RC world? Drones. Not only do these flying RC's make a fun hobby, but they also have very practical applications, especially when it comes to professional video and photography. If you’re looking for a shop that focuses specifically on these flying wonders, check out Drones Made Easy. They carry all the most advanced, top-of-the-line selections in drone flight.

They also have an amazing stock of supplies, accessories, cameras, video transmission gear, and everything drone-related. Be sure you obtain the proper certifications and permits to operate drones in your area.

Like other types of technology, RC cars have evolved and progressed beyond any of our wildest imaginations. They’re faster and more powerful than before. To make the most of your RC, make sure you maintain it properly and change parts when needed. Similarly, for your full-sized automotive needs, stop by Convoy Auto Repair. We offer repair services and complete car checkups to keep your car running at its best.



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