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Infographic - San Diego Can't Complain! America's Finest City is also its happiest.

We came across this great San Diego infographic that basically says why our city is the best city in the country! (Not that we need a lot of convincing, but it does make some good points.) We know there are plenty of other wonderful cities in America that have some or more of the things that makes San Diego the happiest city, but the stats certainly do not lie. Plus, we can think of a thousand reasons why San Diegans tend to be happy that didn't make this list: the amazing events San Diego has every year (Comic Con is coming up!), miles of wide freeways and twisted mountain roads, the small town feel in a massive city, the crazy diversity of people and lifestyles, we could go on! If you have any of your own, we'd love to hear about them in the comments. San Diego Can’t Complain Infographic, created by PC Housing

San Diego Can’t Complain Infographic created by PC Housing




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