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How to Sell Your Car for the Highest Amount

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As soon as you buy a car it starts to depreciate, but there are several steps that you can take to lower its depreciation as much as possible. Taking care of your car, ensuring that cosmetic defects are fixed quickly, and keeping regular maintenance will ensure that you get the most money when it comes time to sell it. ​

Keep the mileage down as much as possible

The more long trips that you take with your car, the greater the wear on it and the shorter its life will be. You won’t want to drive it much more than 15,000 miles per year. When traveling long distances, try to use other methods of transportation instead of driving if you are trying to protect your car’s value, or rent a car. Also keep in mind that the lower your odometer reading is when you sell your car the more you’ll get for it.

Keep the interior and exterior clean

Simply keeping the interior of your car clean will go a long way in maintaining its resale value. It’s one of the major differences between Kelly Blue Book’s “Excellent” and “Very Good” or “Good” conditions. If you can maintain your car in “Excellent” or “Very Good” condition then you are going to get a lot more money. “Very Good” condition means that there are very little to any interior blemishes. Also be sure to wash and wax it often and keep the exterior clean which will help to avoid paint wear.

Keep its recommended maintenance schedule

Every vehicle has a recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes, tune-ups, transmission flushes, etc. You should be very familiar with your model’s maintenance schedule and stick to it for the duration that you own it. Simply following the maintenance schedule will keep it in great condition and help you avoid having to deal with major repairs. Ideally, you want to sell your car when it is still in excellent operating condition; just one minor repair can reduce the amount that you get significantly. Looking for the best mechanic in Kearny Mesa? Check out Convoy Auto Repair, and keep your car on track with maintenance before you sell.

Don’t wait too long to sell it 

The longer that you wait to sell it, the less money that you’ll get. Sometimes you have to hold onto your car for a longer period of time, but if you can sell it before it gets too outdated you’ll get a lot more for it. Every year that goes by your model will become more outdated. Try to sell it before it gets to 100,000 miles or five years of ownership if you can.

Oh, and one last thing - don't forget to enjoy your car while you have it. Keep it running smoothly and avoid any breakdowns by heading to your local mechanic in San Diego for regular maintenance. Happy selling!


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