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How to Know When You Need New Brakes

Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash

How to know when you need new brakes 

Many car owners don't consider constant brake maintenance a priority until something goes wrong. If you're one of those owners, don't mistake procrastinating on your vehicle's brakes, and ensure to check them often. In this month's blog, we will share some tips on knowing when it's time for new brakes. 

Your vehicle's brakes may not be something you think about very often, but they're one feature that should always be in top working condition. Although brakes are clearly an essential part of any vehicle, they're quietly working hard to bring us safely to a stop. 

Signs you need new brakes.

Old brakes don't stay silent for long, and three are several common warning signs that you can learn about and know when it's time for a replacement. 


You hear a squealing noise: You're driving on the road, and in the relative quiet, you hear a faint scraping, squealing, or buzzing sound in your vehicle. This sound comes from your vehicle's brakes, so it is time to replace them. You also observe that this sound comes out when you hit the brakes. 


You hear a clicking noise: In some vehicles, the brake pads fit snugly into a particular holding device, while others keep them steady with clips, bolts, or pins. Hearing a clicking noise can be your vehicle's brake not being well adjusted, so it's time to check them out or replace them. 


When pressed, the brake pedal vibrates: Does your vehicle's brake pedal violently shake whenever you step on it? Your brake pads might be the ones causing this issue. A pulsating brake pedal isn't a trustworthy indicator. If you ignore this issue, your ability to brake safely could be compromised.

You need to understand that it is essential to have your car's brakes in good condition, and this doesn't always mean that you need to buy both the pads and rotor discs each time. If you need more help understanding how to know when it's time for a brake replacement, you can count on our expert auto mechanics. 

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