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How Do I Know If My Vehicle Is Out Of Alignment?

Vehicle alignment is key in maximizing fuel efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and providing a smoother overall ride for everyone in the car. Often, drivers will go for hundreds of miles without knowing their wheels are out of alignment, leading to repair costs that could have been easily avoided.

Vehicle alignment

Here are a few simple tips on how to spot a vehicle alignment issue before it becomes a problem:

  • Try driving straight. If the car pulls to either side without the driver turning the wheel, chances are the wheels are out of alignment. The same is true if the wheel needs to be kept at an angle in order to drive straight.
  • Check the tires. If one tire is showing significantly more wear than another, it may be time to have the alignment checked.
  • Watch out for shaky turns. If a vehicle's steering wheel doesn't come easily back to its starting position after a turn or if the vehicle shakes while driving, wheel alignment is a likely culprit.

By being proactive in preventing vehicle alignment issues, drivers can save themselves both time and repair costs and ensure their vehicle is well maintained.

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