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Here is how often you should change your oil fluids

Photo by Robert Laursoo on Unsplash


Have you checked your oil fluids today? Do you know how often you should change them? If you don't, on this month's blog, we will explain how often you should change them so you can prevent more significant issues with your vehicle. 


If you ask different people for advice on when to change your vehicle oil, you will get a thousand different responses and might be confusing about who has the correct answer. The number of times you need to change your vehicle oil depends on your car's engine. 


Motor oil: It is essential to check your motor oil regularly, as having it with a low oil level can cause your vehicle many issues. 


Transmission oil: Changing your vehicle's transmission oil can be tricky, as different cars require different types of fat fluid, so in this case, it can be every three years or 30,000 miles. 


Differential oil: This can be an interval change, 30,000 miles for conventional gear and 60,000 for synthetic. 


Coolant: The oil coolant is one of the more overlooked oil fluids in vehicle maintenance; it is mainly required to change it every three years or sooner as it can cool down and damage your vehicle's engine.  


Brake fluid: Your brake fluids are the most important as it allows your vehicle to stop smoothly; it is required to check your brake fluid constantly and change it every two years or as needed. 


We hope that the tips below help you understand how often you change your vehicle fluids. It is essential to keep your car in the best conditions to prevent a breakdown in the middle of the road or cause an accident. 

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