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Haunted Cars

If you’ve ever seen the movie or read Stephen King’s novel Christine, you know how horrifying the idea of a haunted car can be. Between the self-locking doors and automatic driving, she was a killing machine. And she was limited to the technology available in a 1959 Plymouth! Just imagine what kind of horrors modern day haunted cars could pull off!

Haunted Cars

Image: Flickr

We’ve all felt at the mercy of our cars’ quirks before. Some door lock remotes need two or three presses to work, some alarms refuse to turn off, some automatic seats have minds of their own, but today’s cars make looking haunted easy. Here’s a spooky story about a modern car that looked haunted:

Don’t Lock The Doors

Once a customer had a unique problem. Her Mini Cooper had started acting up on a dark and rainy evening. She went out to her car after work only to find all her windows down and her sunroof open. “Odd,” she thought. “Maybe I left them down.” She mopped off her seat, rolled up the windows and started toward home. Only as soon as she’d gone a block, her windows rolled back down and the sunroof opened. She made her way home as quickly as possible and closed everything up once safely in her driveway. She got out of the car and locked the doors using her remote, only to watch the windows roll down and the sunroof open. When she brought her car in, it was initially thought she should have brought it to a priest for an exorcism. However, the techs were able to find that a switch in the driver’s door had failed. Mini Coopers have a feature where you can hold down the unlock button on the remote to roll down the windows and pop the sunroof to cool down the car before you get in. It’s a really neat feature, but when that switch fails, you have the makings of a haunted car!

 Haunting Games

Sometimes, haunting isn't just for ghouls (or faulty wiring)! Ford car company recently staged a spooky promotion where it lured unsuspecting test drivers into a car wash with hilariously terrifying results! Check out their video! There are also drive through haunted houses around the country, haunted hay rides, and spooky car decorations for anyone looking to play haunting games. If you think your car might be haunted, stop by Convoy Auto Repair and our expert team of paranormal hunters will take a look and see if we can find the culprit. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


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