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Get Your Car Ready For Fall

driving in the rain

Although it's officially been the fall season for some time now, it's only just now starting to feel like autumn in San Diego. However, this means cool weather - and rain! - is not far behind. As preparation for the season, make sure your car is in prime condition. When the seasons are a-changing, it 's always a good idea to take your car to a local mechanic for a check-up. Things to look at include the battery, antifreeze level, heater, brakes and defroster. In addition, have any other miscellaneous fluids checked, especially if the last maintenance check was over summer. This will ensure the basic functions are in order and you won't be subject to unpleasant surprises. Another important place to focus on is the tires. Be sure there is enough tread left to handle the slick roads and rotate the tires. Rainy weather also calls for the use of lights, so be sure the front, back, break and hazard lights are all working and the light covers are clear. To allow for visual safety, replace your windshield wiper blades and windshield cleaning fluid. Wet outdoor conditions can make for a messy car interior. To plan for this in advance, all-weather floor mats are a great investment. Cleaning windows will make a world of difference as well when driving vision is limited. Lastly, keep some fundamental items stocked in your car. This can include a sweatshirt, umbrella, boots, a flashlight, jumper cables and a first aid kit. Since weather is unpredictable, this provides a fantastic safety net! Most importantly, remember that traffic changes with the weather. Leave at least ten minutes earlier than usual for your commute, don't tailgate the car in front of you, and mind the speed limits when roads are wet. Stay safe out there! Image from Medines Collision Center


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