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Fun Family Car Games

fun family car games for traveling

Traveling is tough in general, but traveling with kids is even more difficult. Long car rides can make for restless children and frustrated parents. To avoid hearing the infamous “are we there yet” line, entertain your kids with fun family car games! For individual entertainment, game books are best. For kids a little older who are good with numbers, Sudoku is a great choice. Critical thinking skills will provide a distracting challenge. If your child is more of a word fan, Crosswords will do the trick. And for the creative kid, you can’t go wrong with coloring books and crayons. Having a tablet or smartphone handy can keep your child entertained for hours with kid-friendly apps and games. Guessing games are always a fun group activity. A guessing game to try is I Spy. One person starts by saying something like, “I spy something red” and then everyone else has to guess what it is. You can also say, “I spied” for others to guess something that has already passed. Another game is Guess Mobile. The person chosen as guess master asks a guessing challenge. This could be how long until the next town, the type of car that passes next or clues to what someone sees. Word stretch is a challenging game for your kids to try. Give them a phrase such as “I am bored” or “When will we be there?” and have them make as many words as possible out of the letters in the phrase. Another word game to try is Eating an Alphabet. Start by saying something like, “I am so hungry I could eat an apple.” The next person will add on a word starting with “B” so it will sound like “I’m so hungry I could eat an apple and a banana.” The goal of the game is to go down the alphabet adding words in order each time. This will challenge your kids and your own memory! The License Plate game is an unforgettable classic. Have your kids write down every out-of-state license plate they see. The goal is to get all 50 states written down. An alternative scavenger hunt for the older kids is to have them point out different car models or to find all the letters in the alphabet in order on license plates and street signs. These games will make the dreaded car rides more entertaining and allow for family bonding. You’ll be to your destination in no time! Image from The Lost Girls


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