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Fleet Maintenance Basics- Keeping Company Vehicles in Working Order


Fleet maintenance is one of the most important aspects of operating a business. A company’s fleet of working vehicles should always be in working order and ready to go when needed. If even just one vehicle is not working properly, it could cause a whole host of problems. This week, we’ll be focusing on some basic steps you can take to ensure that your business’ fleet is in good shape.

Even if you don’t operate a business, you should consider the cars you own for personal use as your “fleet”, and you can still apply the tips below to your own cars. Read on to learn what you can do to maintain your vehicles and prevent issues from arising unexpectedly.

Why Fleet Maintenance is Important

An improperly maintained fleet can cause a whole host of issues for your business. These include:

  • Delayed deliveries or pick-ups
  • Problems with transporting employees
  • Decreased fuel efficiency (this can be costly!)
  • Increased risk of an accident while driving a company vehicle

In short, failure to keep up with regular fleet service can spell one thing: lost profits.

For non-commercial vehicle owners, failing to keep your personal cars in working order can cause problems like:

  • Being late to work or missing work completely due to a car issue
  • Being unable to complete daily and weekly errands
  • Increasing the risk of an accident
  • Increasing the risk of getting ticketed or receiving a citation

It’s not just about having a “backup” car ready to go; really, all of your cars should be in good working order at all times; driving an unmaintained vehicle can be dangerous.

Make Major Repairs

The first step to proper fleet maintenance is to fix any major repairs. These can include things such as replacing broken parts and repairing exterior damage. These should be done as soon as possible, and you should avoid driving vehicles that need major repairs until the issues are repaired.

Keep up with Regular Maintenance and Checkups

Cars that don’t need any major repairs still need regular maintenance and checkups. These include oil/fluid changes, dressing belts, replacing wiper blades, and other similar fixes. This is especially important for vehicles that have been sitting in the lot for while and haven’t had much use lately. Over time, the lack of use can cause problems for the vehicle.

Keep a Checklist or Spreadsheet

Most people make fleet maintenance oversights because they lose track of all the fleet repairs that need to be made. The best way to prevent this from happening is to write everything down. Make a checklist, or better yet, keep a spreadsheet for all of your cars. That way you can keep track of information like:

  • Last repair dates
  • Upcoming maintenance dates
  • Driver behavior
  • Critical issues and immediate repairs

Seeing the information visually can help with overall business planning. For instance, if you have an important delivery or event coming up soon, you can consult your spreadsheet to see if any vehicles could cause an issue. This alone can prevent lost profits.

Make Your Vehicles Presentable

Lastly, your fleet vehicles are literally a moving advertisement for your company. If your trucks or vans are dirty or in visible need of repair, it doesn’t send a good message. Make sure your fleet is spotless and that any displayed advertising info is up-to-date.

Of all these steps, regular maintenance and check-ups are probably the most overlooked fleet issues. However, they’re probably the most important, as they can help detect and prevent more major repairs in the future. At Convoy Auto Repair, we understand how important vehicles can be for both businesses and personal life. Visit us today to utilize our fleet repair and services for all  your commercial vehicle needs. You can also bring in your “personal fleet” vehicles for regular complete car checkups.

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