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Cruise on Over to the Best Beaches in San Diego


As the warm season rolls up on us, it’s time to take full advantage of San Diego’s most famous assets- its beaches! There are so many beautiful beach spots here in classy San Diego- too many to count in fact! People flock from all over the world to frolic, romp, surf, and swim in our iconic beach stretches. This summer season, you’ll want to make the most of your proximity to these natural wonders and social hot spots. Head towards the coast, grab a spot in the sand, and get ready to soak in the sunshine and good vibes at these top sunny San Diego beaches!

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a cool little town to walk around in and hang out for quick drink or meal. One of the main attractions is the Ocean Beach Municipal Pier. This is the longest concrete pier on the entire West Coast.  It’s also the site for Ocean Beach Pier Cafe, which is both an awesome restaurant and a fully functioning bait shop. The pier is one of the best spots to view those lovely San Diego sunsets!

Another favorite part of Ocean Beach is the northern part of the waterfront, which is called “Dog Beach”. This area of the beach is open 24 hours, and is a great place for leash-free dogs to romp and play.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a favorite spot for locals, beach residents, college students, and tourists alike. It’s an absolutely gorgeous spot for beach activities like surfing, skating and skateboarding, surfing, biking, frisbee, and more. There are also several volleyball and basketball courts for some organized action.

There’s also a great path for those who enjoy jogging, and many folks enjoy setting up barbecues and picnics at the site. One of the best aspects of Mission Beach is that you probably won’t have trouble finding parking (that’s somewhat rare for any beach!).

Pacific Beach

The Pacific Beach Boardwalk (aka Oceanfront Boardwalk) is a beautiful and scenic spot that’s perfect for hanging out, taking a stroll, and passing the time. All along the way you can find restaurants, bars, and quaint beach-town shops to keep you amused and occupied every time you visit.

Pacific Beach, or “PB” is also one of the central destinations for people seeking out the happy nightlife. It’s great especially for younger crowds- check out Garnet Ave. for a great selection of bars and food spots. It can be a nice alternative to the crowd you’ll find in the Gas Lamp or other districts in SD.


Coronado is typically considered a quiet, less crowded, more laid-back beach in San Diego. It’s a more of a wind-down, relax and unwind spot for many people. The sand is particularly nice at this spot, and there seems to be a limitless supply of shells to collect on the beach.

Many people visit Coronado on account of the iconic Hotel del Coronado, which is a favorite destination for weddings and super-special events due to the pristine scenery. With its tucked-away, “secluded” feel, Coronado is an ideal place for wading, swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, and watersports.

Time and time again, folks visit San Diego beaches to watch their stresses and worries melt away. There’s nothing like coasting down the beach strip in your finely tuned automobile with your favorite oldies music playing. Get ready for the summer cruisin’ season and stop by Convoy Auto Repair, San Diego’s favorite auto repair shop. We have complete car check up specials, as well as specific auto care services to keep your car running in top shape for the beach season.


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